Stiletto 27 standard

1982 Stiletto 27 Standard  

Well kept 1982 Stiletto 27 Standard with trailer for sale in MN $15,000

SV Trouble is 1982 standard Stiletto.

Freshwater sailed its whole life.


All Fair condition (Not suitable for racing)

The mast has anchor light, steaming light and deck light.

The mast is also set up for masthead spinnaker (But the deck is not, no running back stay tackle)

Rudders arefibergalss over foam. (Stock)

Center board is fibergalss over foam. (Stock)

Canopies are in good shape with no cracks. (Replaced 2005);

Forward hatches upgraded in 2000.

The boat has electical I put in myself, but is minimal. Nice DSC VHF with mast head antena. Sheets, blocks tackle all original and in great shape. Upgraded windward sheeting harken traveler and track. Standing rigging was brand new when I bought so it's still in good shape. Mast and boom in good shape.

Paint is in good shape (A few nicks and scratches)

Boat has factory aluminum rubrails (A must have on a Stiletto) Pipe berths in each hull along with floor boards.<br>hardly used 2000 Honda 9.9 4stroke outboard with charger.

Upgraded Motor mount with splash arerster (Stiletto Designed and built)

Stock Trailer with hubs and bearings replaced 2 years ago and new tires 3 years ago. Only a few hunderd miles put on trailer since I've owned it.

This boat get LOTS of stares and a gathering when in pulls in to marinas. I've never raced it because the local yacht club does not allow multis (Yet!)

The boat is very stock. I have maintained it that way because, I've learned over the years that someone with more experience with engineering than me designed it that way. So I try not to monkey with someones design to much. Besides it kept the boat VERY light and FAST.


$15,000 usd OBO

Photo 1Ghoster DayGhoster Day

Photo 2Dirty main!Dirty main!

Photo 3Worth every pennyWorth every penny

Photo 4Good nightGood night

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