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This site is for owners of the Stiletto Catamaran. This site was stated back in 1998. It has lots of information and history about the Stiletto Catamaran.

Please look around, we have tons of photos, information, articles, boats for sale and an active forum that will most likley have the answers your looking for. If not, please use the forum and someone will answer it.

If you are a guest on this site. Your are welcome to dig around. We have limited what personal information you can view on users along with removing the search tool. This is more of a prevention of bots skimming the site.

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The website is live now!

If you have access to your old username and password you should use these to log in then go to your "Profile" and subscribe.

The website uses a subscription base now. The subscription is in place to help midigate Bots, Spammers, and Trolls to the forum.

It also uses an incentive based points system so if you partisipate, you will be given a coupon to fully pay for the next years subscription.

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