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I just joined your forum. If anyone knows of a nice 27' stiletto for sale I would be interested in knowing about it. Also owners comments on what to look for or look out for is appreciated. I used to race Hobie and prindles in the 80's owned one monohull mistake and after 20 years am ready to get back into the sport. Mostly I need advise.
Replied: stiletto
Stiletto 27 GT
Replying to Jack Melvin comments: Jack, We have several nice Stiletto 27's for sale. We are located in Venice, FL. You can contact me at ron@stilettocatamarans.com or call 941-350-WIND
Replied: Jmelvin
Replying to Ron Nicol comments: Thanks Ron, you directed some information my way a couple of weeks ago and I will be in touch with you on those offerings too
Replied: Peter
Modified Stiletto 27
Replying to Jack Melvin comments: I have two highly modified and upgraded Stiletto 27's, Deuce Coupe and Dream Date, available for sale. You can look up Deuce Coupe in the Online Info section and Dream Date in the Port 08 section; or contact me at pwormwood@tampabay.rr.com,

Replied: Jmelvin
Replying to Peter Wormwood comments: Thank you for your help