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Stiletto 27 SE, four 27 Stds,S30


A few weeks ago I sold one of my S27's and delivered it to Atlanta from WI. I put it right on top of my 34ft powerboat trailer while it was still on it's own trailer. Very easy to load and unload I must say.

Then continued on to Palmetto FL to pick up my first S30. I had already pre-fabbed a few special fixtures for the trailer to convert it for the S30 transport. Chris Ferrante (previous owner)had the basic hull configuration all planned out and I used his ideas. It's pretty simple, first both hulls are raised 24" off the trailer bed, with one hull flipped and reversed. Loading was very easy, we used a crane to lift the hulls onto the trailer. The 30 actually towed easier than the 27 had on the way down because it had less frontal area protruding above the truck thus less wind resistance.

The trip home was uneventful,with lots of people asking either "what is that!?" or "how many boats do you have there, one or two?" Unloading was quite easy, just picked the hulls up with straps & my payloader, then rolled the inverted hull upright on foam blocks.

Trailer & loaded S30 were only 8"6" wide thus legal without permits. Trailer used was a 34ft tri-axle Loadmaster. Pictures are in Port 2015, any questions just ask. Now the fun part, I plan to add either wave-piercing or plumb bows,30" stern extensions, 44ft mast and anything else I can think of.....
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Stiletto 27 standard
Replying to Doug Fitzgerald comments:

Holy Cow Doug! Thats pretty ingenious with the 30 on the trailer. The 27 with trailer on the big trailer cracked me up. Congrats on the 30!
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Stiletto 27 SE, four 27 Stds,S30
Replying to Guy Grafius comments: Hey Guy, first of all let me thank you again for maintaining this web site- it's a great source for all Stiletto owners and we all really appreciate your efforts to keep it going- thank you!

The story of my first S30 is quite interesting-back in Jan. of 2005 I was all set to buy a 30 from Ed Faidiga in Ohio, the price was pretty much agreed on and things looked good. Sadly for me just before it happened I got very sick with Lyme disease and had to call the whole deal off.... Then in Sept.2014 Chris Ferrante sold me his 30 from Palmetto, FL and lo and behold it turned out to be the exact same boat I almost bought 10 years ago! I guess fate said it was going to happen eventually....

The 27 & trailer loaded onto another trailer was simple because luckily the Harding trailer tire width fit exactly on the main frames of my Loadmaster trailer! - I just used the existing trailer winch to pull it up some oak 2x8 ramps I made and unloaded it the same way in Atlanta, very easy, a one person operation even.

As for the S30 trailer idea, Chris F initially came up with the general overall idea and it worked perfectly.I pre-made the raised frames in WI,then dropped off the 27 in Atlanta,then simply bolted the already built frames on in FL and loaded the 30. I used the mast supports off my other 27 trailer, the rear one had to be moved slightly off-center to clear the stbd hull but otherwise everything fit just as we expected-I set the whole trailer up in WI beforehand using only some hull measurements from Chris in FL and the 30 fit on it perfectly in FL!! Now that's good planning.... So yeah, anyone with a small front end loader could do the same thing,we used a crane to lower the mast but a long truss-setting type pole on the loader or skidster would work to lower the mast also. It helps to have a nice long trailer like I had too of course, plenty of room for the bridgedeck, etc.

So after owning five different 27s (and three of them at the same time for ten years)I finally got a 30, can't wait to try it out in May. I put a few more pictures up in Port 2015 that show the trailer details better.