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Can anyone tell me how to safely hoist my S23 using a 4000 lb hoist with 8 foot arm designed to drysail Solings (4k lb capacity). I do not anticipate beam as an issue but am looking for specific info on lift harness attachment points (presumably 4?) and the balance point of the boat to prevent any nasty incidents.

Replied: Peter
Modified Stiletto 27
Replying to Dave Nurse comments: I've done it a number of times by rigging a 3-point sling. The front two legs go around the main beam, right next to the hulls - so you can get it past the trampoline in the corners. The third leg goes to the center of the rear beam. An alternative for the third leg is to use the mainsheet. The tackle allows you to adjust the angle of the boat. Depending on how it is loaded, the CG should be about 12-18" behind the mast. Depending on the hoist, you may want to lift it slightly bow down, to keep the hoist from banging on the mast.

Replied: EliLauritsen
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Replying to Dave Nurse comments:

Never actually used a hoist to launch my boat but I've read on the forums here that you should attach on the middle and aft crossbeams close to the hull. Balance point shouldn't be a problem but a safety line to the centre of the forward beam would be advised I'd think.