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Stiletto 27 Catamaran


Friends, I have owned and sailed my Stiletto 27 for several years now and this year an issue has come up that some of you may have experienced. When I'm sailing fast (say above 8 knots) the starboard tiller begins to lift out of its casing. The lifting up of the starboard tiller is more pronounced than the port one on either tack. If I let it go, the rudder actually comes up out of the water. I tried to bungee the tiller down and that may have helped somewhat but has not prevented it entirely. I'd appreciate any feedback in solving this problem. Any suggestions? Ron
Replied: Peter
Modified Stiletto 27
Replying to Ron Hoodin comments:There should be a white plastic eyestrap on top of your tiller, above the pintles & gudgeons. A length of fairly heavy bungee is supposed to be threaded through that, extending down both sides of the rudder head and looped under the lower pintle. It should be tensioned tight enough to hold the rudder down, but not so tight that the tiller doesn't have full range of motion. That should take care of local sailing.

If you're planning to sail hard offshore, you can drill a 3/16" diameter hole through the rudder cheek plates and tiller arm; and insert a wooden dowel. The dowel will shear if you hit something hard.