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A subscription gets you access to be able to preform searches on the website, and see more details about owners boats. It also gives you access to Private Message (PM) other owners. You get to vote on forum posts and comments, add your own content and give you the ability to add a boat to the for sale section (If you have enough points).

Discount Coupons will be given for partisipation, which will reduce or elimiate the next years subscription fees.

We are trying a new model to hinder SPAM, and to encourage partisipation. Also psychologically you will be more involved if you spend money on it. By requiring a credit card we are limiting people who register and abuse the website. While their is a small yearly subscription, we really do not want the money, but we want your partisipation and content. So if you meet the requirements for full partisipation during the subscription year, you will be given a discount code (up to 100%) for the next years subscription. You do this by voting on forum comments and submitting your own content. You can track your partisipation for the year from your profile.
We DO NOT store any of your Credit Card Information at This is all handled by Stripe, an online payment processing for internet businesses. In fact we want to store as little as possible about you. So only your username and boat information you supply are visible. We only use your email for corospondance from Your email is not automaticlly visiable to the public from
We collect a minimal amount of information about you. We never reveal your email and guests can only see your username. This limits bots from scapping emails to use for Spamming. However we do use Google Analytics, so their is the whole thing of Google knows everything about you anyways.
Log into your account and go to your profile. Hit the "Unsubscribe" button. This will delete/deactivate your Stripe Subscription, and restrict your account. You can resubscribe by loggin into your WildJibe account, where you will be prompted to renew your subscription.
If you have a 100% Discount, your Credit Card will not be charged, but Stripe needs this information for your subscription to remain active.

Points are accumulated by submitting to the Forum or adding content to Online Info, Articles or posting photos in the Portfolio.

Posts must be validated by users. In the forum this is done by up-voting a comment. So be kind to your fellow users and hit the upvote button on their comments. This also adds to your points.

The Online Info, Articles and Portfolio must be at least 30 days old to qualify for their points without having a reported mark on them

Points can be viewed by going to your Profile and then clicking the "View your user page" at the top left of the page.

To list in the For Sale section you must have accumulated at least 200 points, or paid for an upgrade.

You only need 100 points per subscription time to qualify for a 100% off coupon. This coupon will show at the bottom of your Profile Page.


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